Four Seasons Contracting, is your trusted Sauk Rapids & St. Cloud, MN roofing company with over 20 years experience.

Providing quality residential roofing, siding, window replacement. We have earned a reputation of being the areas trusted roofing company. We will inspect your roof for structural integrity and can provide detailed estimate of suggested and required repairs, if needed.


We take pride in providing professional roof replacement services to the Sauk Rapids, St. Cloud, MN and surrounding area's. Our satisfied customers have always experienced superior craftsmanship, quality products, and old fashioned customer service, as we offer higher quality roofing materials and experienced installation ensuring longevity in both, durability & beauty.

What is roof replacement?

Roof replacement is more than a removal of existing shingles. Roof replacement consists of a comprehensive roof inspection, removal of the existing roofing products, installation of new rolled roofing, shingles, and any other items that have been addressed in the initial inspection. Once we remove the existing shingles, we look at all structural components of your roof - sheathing, fascia, drip edge, flashing, attic venting, etc. Once the structure is inspected and any necessary repairs are completed to your roof, we recommend installation of new shingles.